August 21, 2009

The Islander

For our last night, we went to The Islander for dinner. It's situated in the middle of a boat yard that looks over an harbor. It was an intimate atmosphere with seating for about 40 people. But the rest of the vibe was completely casual with Jimmy Buffet playing in the background and this sign outside.

My kind of dining.

We ordered some yummy appetizers for the table, including a shrimp cocktail. Dr. Brother then proceeded to eat all but one of the poor crustaceans. Dr. B loves him some shrimp. He's like Bubba from Forrest Gump. Or not.

I ordered a Crabby Mango Salad because I was dying to try some legit New England seafood. It did not disappoint.

We watched the sunset from the boat yard and then headed to a nearby beach for funnsies. Dr. B and my cousin continued to wrestle. Again, boys are so weird.

Oh, boys.

There were these HUGE boulders along the coastline that we walked along to get to a dock.


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I love you and miss you (already!) so much!