August 17, 2009

Gone Crabbin'

For my first day on the Cape, we went crabbing which is exactly like fishing. But with crabs instead of fish. And chicken instead of worms. And string instead of a pole.

But other than that, totally the same.

We went down to the boardwalk by my Aunt A's house. We set up shop on the bridge while the boys jumped into the mud to get closer to the action.

While the boys were sloshing through the mud, we prepared the chicken and string. And by we, I mean Aunt A because I'm a big baby.

What a pro!

She then lowered the stringed chicken to the boys down below.

The boys then threw it into the marshy water...

And waited for the crabs to come out. And when they did...

They scooped them up in their nets and plopped 'em in the bucket. It was really fun to watch the boys run around, scooping up crabs. Little boys are so weird like that.

What a haul!

And then we brought them home, cooked them up and made this yummy Crabby Mango Salad.

Just kidding! We released them back into the marsh because we care.

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