August 28, 2009


Before our departing flight from Providence, Rhode Island, we stopped at a gym along the way that had indoor rock climbing called Carabiners. Our local YMCA has a rock climbing room with 30-foot walls and some permanent routes. But this place was like our Y on steroids.

It had 3 floors to start from with the highest walls on the bottom floor. These routes ran up to 60-feet high and used for all different levels of climbers. There were walls where you could only use the black grips or only the red grips. There were shorter routes upstairs for beginners and intermediate climbers.

There were also these bouldering walls where you climb without ropes so you don't need a belayer. And there are pads to fall back on if you can't hack it.

Like this guy.

I found a place like it in Gainesville and I want to try it out! Tuesdays are Ladies' Nights so hit me up if you want to go :)

I need this.

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