August 20, 2009

Boys are Weird

On our second day, we had planned to travel up the cape to a drive-in movie at night, stopping along the way for some fun. But the boys didn't want to see the movie playing, so we stayed local and hung out at the pond.

The water was crystal clear and refreshing. The boys had a blast shooting each other with water guns and fun toys. I kept my distance on the shore and held my camera to make sure they wouldn't get me wet!

Dr. Brother was relentless. He had a get-him-while-he's-down attitude.

This guy was rowing around the pond in an inflatable raft and oar.

Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

Eventually the boys got bored with shooting water at each other. So we returned to the house. And shot more guns.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the closet in the den and found these bad boys. They're airsoft guns but still very, very, VERY realistic.

We shot them off the back of the deck into the patch of tree past their backyard. They even attached paper targets to the trees for aim.

Trees: 100 Megan: 0

Girls like shopping. Boys like shooting. Girls like playing. Boy like fighting.

Some things never change.

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