August 31, 2009

Happy Monday

Here's another jewel I found while purging the annals of my childhood before the big move to Gainesville.


Like a lot of kids growing up, we used to brown bag our lunches. It was usually comprised of a PB&J sandwich (creamy and strawberry preserves, thank you), some fruit or veggies, Cheezits, an Oatmeal Creme Pie and a Capri-Sun.

But there was something a little special about our lunches. Inside was a seemingly plain folded piece of paper with just single letter inscribed on it.

And inside this little white piece of paper...

...was a picture and a note signed "Love, Mom."

I love these notes.

Come rain or shine.

These notes began my first day of high school.

And I kept every. Single. One.

Even the ones that got thrown into the spin cycle.

Since I'm in college, she can't really send me a note in my lunch everyday. So instead, my mom sends me an email with a cute picture attached. I woke up Friday to find this guy in my inbox.

Sorry, Dr. Brother.



Beth said...

Checked this just before heading out the grocery store. Eyes swollen now. Thanks. :) Love you!

Ben said...

You guys show such attractive pictures of me.