February 25, 2010


I've been complimenting the Spanish left and right. Between the whole living on the beach/ daily nap time/ food, I think they've got the right idea. And their fashion is no exception. Their hair is always perfectly coifed, their boots are always perfectly matched, and their coats are perfect. While I'm getting soaked on the way to school, it seems like the rain doesn't even touch the Spanish. I know I can't pull off this look, but they do it with such confidence and grace. The girls look fierce and put-together. The guys look suave and sleek.

It's a beautiful thing.

But today I saw something that I did not like. It made me uncomfortable just looking at it.

I saw dreadlocked mullet.




Are you trying to picture that one in your head? It's like business in the front, jamming to Bob Marley in the back. It's like a Mississippi Mudflap on pot. It's like the two worst haircuts in the world are hanging out on one person's head.

I wish I had my camera with me to capture this heinous thing. I was appalled. And Emma said she's seen it before. So there's more than one person walking around Spain with this look.

I might start bringing scissors with me in case I ever run into this person again. Adios, dreads.


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