February 03, 2010

Andando a clase

Like I've said a kajillion times, Malaga is a really beautiful city. Our 1.5 mile walk to class takes 30 minutes and winds through some of the prettier parts of town. I wanted to show you a peek into what it's like here so that it's like you all are here with me :)

Miercoles = Wednesday = hump day. I can't believe I've been in Spain for a week now. Last night was the first time I got to relax and enjoy some quiet free time at la casa. I know I only have so much time to enjoy the Spanish culture and take it all in, but sometimes you need to recharge. I had been going for 6 days straight and my body needed a break. I feel much better today even if the weather is not cooperating with my mood - it's 55 and raining. No me gusta la lluvia.

My only class taught in English, El Greco to Picasso, is taught by a Spanish woman who has never taught in English before. On Monday, she told us that she would speak in Spanish the first day but the rest would be in English. Yesterday afternoon, she said her "chip in her brain was working slower" so we had to settle for Spanglish. I kind of wish I had known that this class was being taught by someone who knows as much English as I know Spanish. I would have taken the Spanish Art History taught in Spanish. That would have given me credits towards my minor instead of a general education credit like the one I'm in now. But I thought it would be a nice break from Spanish 24/7. I should have known that immersion into a culture leaves no room for language breaks!

Tonight a group of us wants to go out for tapas. There is a bar here that sells 1€ tapas and drinks. I always thought tapas were eaten instead of a dinner but they're eaten after dinner instead. Hopefully the weather clears up so we can walk :)

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