February 16, 2010

The Rain in Spain

I can tell you that it does NOT stay mainly in the plain. We're going on 5 straight days of rain and the weathermen here say we're going to get another 3 weeks of it!

It seems like the theme for this trip is unpreparedness. I was out of practice with my Spanish, I didn't have the proper cold weather clothing, now I don't have the right clothes for the rain! It poured yesterday afternoon on my walk home from my morning classes and I was drenched. When the time came to walk back to my last class of the day after lunch, the space heater under the table was much more comforting than the thought of going back outside for an hour. And unlike Florida, there is no immediate danger from lightning (unless you get clumsy on the slippery marble sidewalks) so classes are never cancelled.

It was also pouring on our way to class this morning so we had to sit through class in our soggy pants and shoes. But, lo and behold, the sun was shining when we left the windowless basement of our school! It was such a relief after spending the previous 4 hours dreading the walk back in such miserable weather. It was great to feel the warmth of the sun and let it dry our still-soaking clothes.

This weekend we're going on an excursion to Granada, one of the most visited sites in Spain and even all of Europe. It supposed to be a really beautiful city with a bunch of cool historical buildings and places. Fingers crossed it doesn't snow again like it did there last weekend!

Hope everyone is staying safe and dry back home! Love you all :)

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