February 01, 2010

Bienvenidos a Malaga!

We finally arrived in Malaga on Sunday. We left the wonderful Hotel Beatriz after a buffet breakfast around 9 AM. Our last time having to haul our suitcases from place to place for 2.5 months!

Toledo is about 5 hours from Malaga but we planned for a couple of breaks so it would be a 7 hour drive. But we did NOT anticipate the bus breaking down twice. It took us an extra 2 hours to get there but it was definitely worth it.

We met our host families in the center of town. It was so nerve wracking sitting on the bus, waiting for Heidi or Iker to call our name to introduce us to our senoras. My new roommate, Emma, was there too! My senora's name is Maria Jose, but she goes by Pepa. She greeted me with the usual two besos and we packed all my luggage in her tiny car and left for my new home. The weather has been a lot colder than usual here and Sunday was especially cold. Pepa kept saying "Tengo frio, hace muy frio" the whole ride.

I just need to say this: drivers in Spain scare the crap out of me. I feel like you have to be very confident and assertive in your driving abilities here because there are some crazies on the road. Not Pepa, but there are others!

When we arrived, Emma helped me carry my stuff up to the apartment (thank goodness for elevators). Thanks Emma! What an adorable place! I'll post some pictures later but it is really cute! Our rooms consist of a bunkbed, 2 bookcases, a wardrobe, a desk and chair, and a bookshelf by our bed. Our room also has a balcony that looks out right to the Mediterranean!

That night we had croquetas, potato chips, yogurt, and fruit for dinner. Croquetas are amazing! They are fried balls of cheese and ham maybe. Whatever they are, they were delish. It's so strange getting used to the eating schedule here. Breakfast is usually something light like cereal or toast. Then lunch is the biggest meal of the day, usually consisting of 2 courses and a lot of food. It's usually served around 2-3:30 and most people take a siesta afterwards. Many stores are closed from 3-5 because of the siesta time. Dinner is much later than in the US, anywhere from 9 to 11:30 and is usually much lighter than lunch.

The weather is much nicer today than it was yesterday. I had my first classes today starting at 7:45 in the morning. I'll be posting about that later today!

Hope everyone is doing well and I miss you all so much!


Beth said...

Looks beautiful & like so much fun! <3 Love you & miss you like crazy!

Kasey said...

I'm glad you're having a great time! Yeah, the food schedule took me a while to get use to. I was only there for three weeks so I got use to it right before we left. Have you tried tapas yet?

Michelle said...

oh my gosh, chica, is that your view?? I'm insanely jealous.