August 18, 2010


Today was the first day of Orientation for the UF College of Nursing! It was a great way to learn about the program, see the facilities and get to know the people I'll be working with for the next 2 years! I'm so excited for the future and progressively getting more nervous as the hours pass.

But it was a taxing day between being bombarded by information (HIPAA, OSHA, BBP, OPMI, CON, GNAP - so many acronyms, so little time!) and working right afterwards. PDubbs had a busy day, too; for his chemistry research, he had to take a safety training seminar/course/thingy that took all day. He got to use a fire extinguisher and put out a small fire! [Edit: PDubbs informs me that it was a huge fire and it almost engulfed the library. Thank goodness he was there!] After busy days like this, it's always nice to work together in the kitchen to create a yummy dinner. Tonight it was steak (medium-rare, thanks), potatoes and stewed tomatoes. Yum!

I feel like I'm cheating at this blogging thing by posting short and useless posts because I'm too tired to expend any more energy. But I only set out to post every day and I've done that so far with the exception of move-in day when I didn't have internet. Woo!

Today I'll leave you with some interesting facts about the nursing profession. I'll tell you more about the program I'm about to jump into more later when I can actually wrap my brains around it :)

-For 8 consecutive years, the Gallup Poll has rated Nursing as the Most Trusted Profession. About 83% of Americans believe nurses' honesty and ethical standards are "high" or "very high".

-Florence Nightingale was also a renowned statistician. She was especially talented in visual presentation and statistical graphics. She created the polar area diagram, also called the Nightingale rose diagram, which is now commonly used in statistics today.

-In the 17th century, nurses had a reputation for being drunk and obnoxious. It was considered a low job in the social hierarchy.

-The profession gets its roots from both religious and military training.

-By 2015, nurse practitioners will be required to have their Doctorate of Nursing Practice or PhD.

-Scrubs are comfy.


Patrick said...

Hey, the fire was not small!

Dr. Brother said...

Your new nickname is Dr. nurse sister.