August 16, 2010


PDubbs has eclectic taste in music and he's always listening to something new or finding a new fave band. One of his more recent finds is a 19-year-old kid who calls himself NeverShoutNever!

I'll admit I wasn't much of a fan when PDubbs first played me some of his stuff. But the more I listened, the more I liked.

Like, I really really liked.

And coolest part is that he does everything by himself. He layers his voice and even does harmonies with himself. And even though he probably doesn't have much experience in life or love like most people our age, his lyrics are cute, fun and catchy.

This is the song PDubbs and I listen to every morning on our way to work. It's a great pump-up song, especially when combined with this song by Hellogoodbye. (Warning: NeverShoutNever! is kind of a hippie-weirdo-dork and don't bother watching the Hellogoodbye video - it's weird anime cartoons but the song is catchy!)

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