August 08, 2010

Glad That's Done

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday! We're figuring out stuff with our internet but I'm back in business today :)

These past 24 hours have been INsane.

After blogging Friday night, Pdubbs and I finished packing up his apartment. Since he had to be all moved out by noon, we loaded up the cars to expedite the process a little. While we were packing up his stuff inside, we saw a helicopter with a searchlight circling the area - not something you see everyday! Later, when we were shoving his life into our cars, 4 police cars were surrounding a car in the parking garage where he was parked. And they were still there 2 hours later!

We woke up early Saturday morning to pack up some final things, met my parents at the storage unit, and went to move into my new apartment! We were lucky that the weather in Gainesville decided to throw us a bone for once and delay the rain until after everything was already moved in. For the past two years, it has rained every time we try to move!

I'm so grateful to my family and PDubbs for helping me with everything. I honestly couldn't have done any of it without their help! Dr. Brother even did his part and provided some comic relief during lunch at Panera, where we ran into some friends from my U-12 soccer team. It never fails to amaze how often I see people I know in Gainesville. UF is huge but it seems like everyone I know is here!

Back to the job grind bright and early tomorrow morning. Now that classes are over, most of the other substitute teachers have gone home for the last two weeks of summer. I'm bummed that my new friends won't be working with me but it also means I'll be working lots and lots of hours. And lots of hours means more money to buy cute scrubs :)

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