August 22, 2010

The Bane of My Existence

If I never see a moving box again, it will be too soon. It seems like that's all we've done this summer. But we moved PDubbs into his new digs yesterday, just in time for classes to start tomorrow!

After christening the new apartment, I spent my entire Sunday afternoon wrapping my ahead around the week to come. Between researching textbooks, jotting more dates in my planner and trying to find cute white nonporous nursing shoes (btdubs, they don't exist), I worked up quite an appetite. Just in time for dinner with the new roommates, Lydia & Jessica!

Lydia is the girlfriend of PDubb's friend and roommate. She went to the same high school as PDubbs and is from our area. She roomed with Jessica last year and they hit it off. Jessica also did the IB program - YAY IB! We went to Pita Pit and ended up talking for almost 2 hours. It was a great way to spend the last night of summer :)

As of tomorrow morning at 9:35 AM, I will officially be a student in the College of Nursing. This time tomorrow, I will have logged 4 hours of Pathophysiology lecture and another 2 hours of Communication & Health Assessment! And I will officially be back from my 7-month hiatus as a UF student. Hopefully my study habits come back to me - the habits I haven't used since December!

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few days of summer. It's been a strange summer but I wouldn't have changed a thing!


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