May 20, 2011

Picnik Love

Now that school is out, I've had some spare time to do two of my favorite things - take pictures and edit them!

I'm no expert by any means but I love experimenting. I don't have an fancy camera or expensive editing programs. Just a good-quality point-and-shoot and a premium membership to Picnik. With these two things, I can do just about anything.

PDubbs and I went on an excursion this past Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets too hot. We stopped by a student-run garden along the way where I snapped this photo.

I liked how it looked straight-out-of-camera so I thought it would be fun to play around with on Picnik. A few hours later, I had 15 different versions of the photo that I was happy with.

This one was made with the "Sepia" feature and then faded to about 35% to let in the natural colors of the original.

This version was made using two of my favorite features: "Ortonish" & "Vignette". For Ortonish, I get rid of the "Bloom" aspect to keep the original sharpness. Then, I applied a Vignette over it to give a more finished look. This combination is also great for posed portraits.

This is one of the many "Texture" overlays available with the premium membership. I bumped the fade down to about 35%.

I love this feature! It's called "Pantography-ish". You can control the number of boxes, the background color, even the "kookiness" of the orientation of boxes. So fun!

The free version of Picnik offers a lot of unique editing features that would usually require an expensive software program. The premium membership costs money but it gains you access to many more fun features. Plus, you can store pictures online so you can access them where ever you have internet access. This makes it easier to make cool collages like these:

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