May 23, 2011


Last week, I mentioned my Littles, Rachael & Kristen. I said I was so very proud of them for toughing it out through the initiation process to become Brothers of Phi Sigma Pi, a national honors fraternity. What I didn't mention was how awesome each of these girls are in their own unique ways.

I met Rachael at one of the first meet nights and we instantly hit it off. She's a freshman studying nursing (yay nursing!). She's tall and beautiful and could totally be a model. But she's also incredibly smart and kind. She genuinely cares about everyone around her, which is why she'll be an amazing nurse. Homegirl also knows how to have fun. She has a carefree & crazy spirit that sends her on some wild adventures. She's got spunk and I love her for that.

Kristen actually played soccer with J way back in the day. We reconnected at a rush night and talked like we had never been apart. She's one of the most loyal and determined people I have ever met and truly wants to change the world for the better. She's also incredibly intelligent and a great converser. Seriously, she could have a rousing conversation with a rock. She's compassionate and driven and I love her for that.

My reaction. Needless to say, they are pretty awesome.

As with other sororities or fraternities, Phi Sig upholds the tradition of the paddle exchange where Littles make paddles for their Bigs. The paddles represent the relationship between the Big and the Little. They are a gift of appreciation for helping them throughout the initiation journey. Plus, they're pretty freaking adorable to hang up on your wall! The exchange happens at banquet at the end of the year with a big reveal.

Like my Littles, their paddles are so different from one another yet they each represent them perfectly.

Rachael put her quirky spin on it and through everything she had into it. I love all of the details that she incorporated. Details that only a good friend would know.

A bull-fighting nurse? How cute!

Kristen took a different route and made her paddle a piece of art. A perfectionist at heart, she said she LOVED decorating it, which really showed in the final product.

She glued on each and every one of those little bedazzlers. Beautiful details.

I was completely blown away by these paddles. These girls never cease to amaze me. Both of them were creative and unique and personal. Even if they had given me a slab of wood, I would still be proud to be their Big. These are great girls who will go on to do great things in the fraternity, in college and in life. I'm honored to be a part of their journey and can't wait to enjoy my last year of college with them as Brothers.

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