May 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday

This Sunday, PDubbs and I spent a lazy afternoon walking around campus. We started by Lake Alice and saw some typical Florida wildlife.

Go Gators!

I like turtles but not mean, creepy ones. They were scaring the gators away!

The iconic bat house across from Lake Alice is surrounded by an eclectic garden that is tended to by students. The garden consists mostly of vegetables but there are also some beautiful flowers popping up throughout the lots.



I love that the garden is a hodge-podge of plants. Nothing is perfectly trimmed or orderly. Everything is allowed to grow in its own natural way.

Curly Q's

Heirloom tomatoes


Next, we headed to the main part of campus to enjoy an afternoon carillon recital at Century Tower. During the fall and spring semesters, the bells toll every 15 minutes with a tune played on the hour. The UF Music Department offers a carillon class in which students learn how to play the massive bells. The students climb the 124 stairs to the top to play 2 15-minute recitals a day in between classes. Since all of my nursing classes are out of ear-shot from the bell towers, I never get to hear the recitals. I especially miss the Christmas songs that start playing in December!

And who could say no to some Mochi and people-watching? Then it was back to Jacksonville to get back to the grind.

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Erin T. said...

I love your pictures! I hope you're getting a D-SLR soon :)

And that sounded like a really nice date; I'm going to miss the carillon bells/recitals too. I was lucky to listen to them every day on the way to Italian!