March 01, 2012

Rabbit Rabbit

And so begins another month. I have a feeling March will be a great one!

In a few hours, I will take my last exam as an undergrad. 

In 24 hours, I will be in my last class as an undergrad. 

In 48 hours, it will be spring break. Pdubbs & I are going on an adventure - stay tuned for details!  

In 12 days, I will be starting my practicum on a cardiac ICU at Shands - my dream unit!

In 23 days, The Hunger Games premiere on the big screen.

In 31 days, I will be standing for the kids at Dance Marathon

Bring it on, March!


Erin Turingan said...

Congratulations on your dream unit! I can't believe you're almost done... so proud of you!

Monica said...

congrats on a monumental march :)

and so glad i'm not the only one who still thinks rabbitrabbit on the first day of a month!