March 18, 2012

I Work Out

I've alluded to working out more the past few posts. While it has helped me maintain my crazy sleep schedule, it's also in preparation for running a half-marathon. It's been my semi-personal New Year's resolution the past couple of years but I'm determined to make it a reality this year!

I started this plan last week and have been following it without any problems. I've also been eating healthier: more veggies, fruits & protein, less ice cream. (But wait, isn't there protein in ice cream... maybe ice cream will make an appearance :) )

Last week I ran a total of 16 miles, 6 of which were done in one day. It was the first time I've run 6 miles straight on a treadmill and I was a little nervous that I would get bored. But I had a great playlist on my iPod and kept a comfortable pace so I wasn't killing myself. I ran most of it at a 9:50 min/mile pace, kicking it up to 7:30 the last .25 miles. It felt awesome to accomplish all of the runs I set out for the week - hopefully that motivation will keep my going!

I don't have any races in mind yet but the Florida racing season doesn't really start until the fall. Since my training plan is only 16 weeks, I have plenty of time to stick to my plan as well as cross train with other activities. Like play on my intramural soccer team or attempt this swamp dash with my dad in April. Or I could stick to the plan exactly and add on another training plan to do a full-marathon!

So that's why I'm exercising a little more these days. I may not update this little blog with my boring runs but I'll keep you posted about big ones, like a 10-miler on the schedule in a few weeks.

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Monica said...

Nice job!!! :) I admire runners.