February 15, 2012

22nd Birthday Wish

This Friday, I will be celebrating the 1-year anniversary of my 21st birthday!

Pdubbs has been asking me what I want for my birthday but I come up empty every time. I have everything a girl could want!

  • A loving boyfriend, who also happens to be my best friend
  • Ice cream in the freezer
  • Seasons 1-6 of How I Met Your Mother
  • Awesome friends
  • A stand mixer (thanks, Aunt Amy!)
  • A roof over my head
  • The best family in the whole wide world
  • Scramble with Friends
  • Tickets to see my two favorite bands (thanks, Mom & Dad!)
  • Dark chocolate in the freezer
  • Soccer back in my life
And on top of all of those awesome things, I also have my health, which is more than many people can say. I'm reminded of this fact every single time I step onto a hospital unit for my clinicals. It hits me especially hard when I have pediatric rotations at Shands Children's Hospital. It breaks my heart to see these sick kids laying in hospital beds all day instead of running around and playing with friends.

I won't be able to help them as a nurse because my heart wouldn't be able to take it. Since I can't help them with my nursing skills, I'm going to help them by dancing.

For the second year, I've signed up to dance in Dance Marathon at UF. It's a student-run event to raise money and awareness for Shands Children's Hospital through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Students sign up to dance for 26.2 hours (the same length as a marathon) to represent the struggles the children and families go through who are staying at Shands. Last year, Phi Sigma Pi alone raised over $14,000, which is absolutely incredible considering the small size of our Brotherhood. Together with all of the other organizations, we raised over $700,000 for this great cause.

So since I need for nothing for my birthday this year, I am asking for donations to help more kids! From my clinical experiences, I can personally tell you that every dollar raised through this event goes towards amazing things, such as advanced treatments, housing for families, and diversionary activities for the kids.

If you feel inclined to donate, please visit my personal page by clicking the link below. You can also learn more about DM at UF at their website!

For all the right reasons <3


Erin Turingan said...

So proud of you :)

I miss you! Hope your birthday was great!

Jessica said...

Awesome that you're involved with CMN! I did a lot with them while at UCF :) Sounds like you had an amazing bday!