December 31, 2011

Cheers to 2011

As we enter the final hours of 2011, I would like to take a look back on all the events & people in my life that made this one amazing year. 

1. February 17, 2011
Not only was it my 21st birthday and my first time drinking (legally), but I was surrounded by my amazing Phi Sig family as we celebrated big-little reveal and my (first) two littles, Kristen M. & Rachael.  I was lucky enough to find a third match in Kristen A. this past semester. I am so very fortunate to have these three amazing ladies in my life!

2. March 2011
PDubbs & I spent spring break in New Orleans with his mom & dad. We witnessed the final night of Mardi Gras, enjoyed the French Quarter & ate out weight in beignets. The Wieruszewskis were so generous to let us stay with them and showed us all of the amazing sights, sounds, smells & tastes of NOLA. 

3. April 1-2, 2011
Dance Marathon - what a weekend! Even thought it technically spans the whole school year, the actual event made all of the hard work worth it. To see the Overall team reveal the final total of all of the money fundraised by a bunch of students was incredibly touching, humbling, and inspiring. Not only did we raise a boatload of money for these kids and their families, but I gained a great friend in the process. Love you, Erin!

4. May-July 2011
I was extremely fortunate to land a paid internship at a hospital in Jacksonville over the summer at a great hospital. My preceptor, Mario, was fantastic. He was really patient with me and my lack of common sense and really took the time to help me. I learned a lot about working in hospitals and what kind of nurse I want to be.  I was also extremely fortunate for Aunt Claudia & Kerry welcome me into their home & lives for the summer. I had so much fun just hanging out with them and I can't wait to hopefully see more of them next year :)
5. August 4-7, 2011
Phi Sigma Pi held their national convention in Washington D.C. this year. As Parliamentarian, I had a duty to go and represent our chapter along with our president, Natalie. Again, I learned a lot about our fraternity and what makes our chapter so special. I came out of the convention with a greater appreciation for my Brothers and grew a lot closer to all of the Brothers in attendance. 

6. September 27, 2011
On this day, PDubbs & I celebrated our 3-year anniversary. I spent the night dressing up, heading downtown & eating delicious sushi but the company is what really made the night special. I spent the night with my best friend and the love of my life. I couldn't imagine a more perfect evening and I'm looking forward to many many more anniversary celebrations with that Polish boy. 

7. December 24-29, 2011
Last but not least, we spent our Christmas cruising through the Caribbean. We sunbathed, boogie-boarded, surfed, ice skated & rock climbed on the ship, zip-lined through the jungle, went tubing under a mountain, drank cerveza on the playa, sang karaoke, beat "the Burkas" but lost to "the Jews" in a dodgeball tournament, and even putt-putt golfed. We had a blast but the best time was when my family was all together. It was awesome to spend so much time together away from computers, phones & cars. We were able to just be and enjoy each others' company. Can't wait for the next one!

2011 was a year of growth, learning and friendship. 2012 brings graduation, job hunting and who knows what else. It's an exciting and nerve-wracking time but as long as I have these people around me, I know it will be a great year. 

Happy holidays, everyone! Have a safe & happy new years!



Erin said...

2011 was a great year for you :)

Cheers to 2012!

Monica said...

great recap :)

this is such an exciting time in your lives, i'm so excited for you guys and all the opportunities that lay ahead of you :)