April 02, 2010

Gibraltar: A Confused Place

While most of my amigos were galavanting around the continent, me and a few other students decided to chill out in Malaga. And while it would have been really super awesome to travel to cool places like Greece, France, and Italy, I'm completely happy with my decision. Staying in Malaga has given me a great opportunity to enjoy some quality bonding with my senora, work on my tan, and see what Malaga has to offer during this time of year.

It also allowed us to travel around Andalucia. And since Gibraltar is only a 2.5-hour busride away, we figured why not spend a day hanging out with monkeys and speaking English?

We took the bus to La Linea, a small Spanish city on the border of Gibraltar. It's called La Linea, or the Line, because it used to be where cannons shot from Gibraltar would hit when they were training their military. Who knew?

The Rock!

We made our way to the border, waved our passports at the nonchalant customs official, and found ourselves back in British territory. Cheerio!

We wandered around looking for the cable cars up to the top of The Rock. We passed many a tour guide offering to take us to the top in a bus. We must have looked Spanish that day because they all spoke Spanish to us at first! And when they realized we were English, they said "Oh! Why didn't you say so!" before continuing on their spiel about their awesome tour. We tried to gracefully decline but ended up just walking away from these pushy guides. Leave us alone, bro!

We finally made it to the cable cars and bought our tickets. Gibraltar officially accepts Gibraltar Pounds but nearly every store and tourist attraction also accepts Euros. You just have to specify which one you're paying with so you don't end up getting back the wrong change!

While we waited for our cable car, we were surrounded by signs warning of us the dangerous monkeys. From my experience, I think the British should be known for their silly signs.

Monkeys will bite you and steal your food.

Monkeys will bite you and steal your food.

Monkeys don't like to be impersonated. They will bite you.

We climbed up The Rock to the top platform and were immediately greeted by a beautiful view and some furry friends! Within a minute of walking off the cable car, a monkey crawled up my leg and starting going after the sandwiches in my bag! The signs we saw were enough of a warning for me! I shook the big guy off and booked it inside to eat my lunch before the monkeys ate it for me!

Monkeys are curious things.

After lunch, Harley, Alissa and I walked around the rock some more as we made our way down to the next cable car platform. We got to enjoy the views, the historical things around The Rock, and the monkeys!

Don't let me interrupt your nap.

Airport runway in the middle of the road. What a weird place!

Helpful sign.

Almost everyone is back home in Malaga now in time to enjoy the last few days of Semana Santa. Emma has some great stories about her adventures in Greece this week, too! I was so excited for them to travel but I'm even more excited their all home so we can live it up our last 12 days here in Spain :)

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend! I'll see you all soon!

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