April 04, 2010

Future Honeymoon Location

On Saturday, Harley, Alissa and I went on another daytrip - this time to Nerja, a town about an hour east of Malaga on the coast. It's known for its Cuevas (caves). Emma went with her parents when they visited last month and said it was a Must-See. After 2.5 months of living together, I know I can trust this girl. :)

It still amazes me how easy it is to travel around Spain! We just hop on a bus or a train and go anywhere. The bus from Malaga took us right to the Cuevas. The caves consist of 3 naturally-formed spaces, only one of which is currently open to the public. The rest are still being excavated by archeologists because the caves used to be inhabited by some of the first humans on the Iberian peninsula.

Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures with flash so my blurry pictures don't exactly capture just how cool this place was. There were stalagmites and stalactites galore, crazy straw-like structures and even a natural amphitheater where they hold concerts!

Stalagmites. Or stalactites?

Really cool column. Photoshop fail.

Nerja is also known for it's beaches that attract thousands of tourists each year. Let me tell you, this place was like the mecca of British tourists - everywhere we turned we heard English and saw sunburned faces from extended siestas on the beach. But I can totally see why they would want to vacation here: it's beautiful!

Mountains next to beaches. Crazy! And check out that shade of blue!

Nerja also boasts the Balcon de Europa, or Balcony of Europe, where you can take in all of the beautiful scenery while enjoying some ice cream from one of the 23,241 vendors on the way.

El Balcon de Europa

There's a restaurant right below the balcony...

...where we stopped to enjoy the view and a Spanish cerveza.

Nerja is an absolutely gorgeous place between the caves, the mountains and the beaches. But what made it especially awesome was how quiet it was. This was the first time we actually got to enjoy a small town since coming to Europe. We could actually hear the birds chirping as we walked down quiet alleyways in silence, content with our own thoughts and ice cream. :)

This week has been a wonderful break but it's back to the grind now. I have 2 group presentations on Tuesday and 4 exams to study for on top of packing up my Spanish life to head back home in 10 short days. Do work, son!

And I've been hearing a lot about the unseasonably warm weather everywhere back home. Hopefully everyone is thoroughly thawed out from all of the unseasonably cold weather you just had. Mother Nature has been going crazy this year! Enjoy your Easter weekends :)


Aunt Amy said...

Happy belated Easter to you! Did you get a box from us in the mail? Sorry if it's late :)

Patrick said...

i wonder if anyone else will notice :)