September 21, 2012

Post-Grad Life

Whoops, forgot I had a blog!

I guess the headline of this little blog is a little outdated since I'm no longer a college girl nor do I live in Gainesville. I'll have to make some changes around here if I want to keep my wonderful readers happy!

Anyways, things are great here in Jacksonville! I'm about 45 days into my nursing career as an RN in a CVICU and I absolutely love it. I'm still orienting to the position so I work with a preceptor, who shows me the ropes and prepares me to take care of patients by myself. My preceptor, Chesley, is a Samford alum and she's awesome! She's helped me a lot the past 5 weeks and I'm feeling more and more comfortable with my role and responsibilities every day. I'm working day shift right now but I'll transition to night shift in a few weeks. 

Pharmacy school is in full swing for PDubbs. He's already had 2 exams, several presentations and about 50 lectures since beginning a month ago. Most of his lectures are filmed in Gainesville and then posted online so he can watch from the comfort of his office in his pajamas. A couple of times a week he has to drive to the Jacksonville downtown campus at Shands Hospital for presentations, lectures and other Pharm activities. So far, so good!

As far as Jacksonville goes, we're trying to learn our way around the city and find fun things to do. Earlier this month, we went on a bus tour of local Jacksonville breweries with my old friend, Whitney. Whitney & I played soccer together for 4 years growing up and we both went to UF and kept in touch but had different groups of friends and extracurriculars. We hardly ever saw each other, which goes to show you just how big UF can be! But she moved up to Jacksonville for grad school at UNF and we were all in need of some familiarity (and good craft beer!). It was a lot of fun and definitely something worth showing guests from out-of-town!

That's pretty much it around here. We have a pretty good routine worked out and things are going smoothly. I can't make any promises about how often I'll post here since I never seem to fulfill those promises (sorry!). But I'll post big updates or random things when I feel inspired. Like the fact that the new Mumford & Sons album comes out this Tuesday - I.AM.SO.FRICKIN.EXCITED! They'll also be on SNL this Saturday :)

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