November 22, 2011


Sorry guys, I truly suck at blogging on a regular basis! I had an exam last week on top of hard core Phi Sig activities and just couldn't justify leaving my studies to fiddle with my camera. I want to actually enjoy this challenge and grow with it, not just feel forced to do it. I got some practice taking photos at night over the weekend (because I was temporarily nocturnal but that's another story), so I plan on using that experience for the next few days of the challenge.

On another note, I am soooo excited for Thanksgiving break! Spending time with the family + PDubbs, delicious food, my last home football game as an undergrad (!!!), and hopefully enjoying some beautiful weather are all on the agenda. Not to mention that Dr. Brother's 14th birthday is Friday!!! My classes were cancelled for tomorrow so I plan on using that time to get my life back in order after this whirlwind week.

With that, I will leave you this photo, courtesy of Starbucks Cup Magic App.

What are you doing this holiday break?

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