November 04, 2011

Delayed NPC: Day 3

Day 3: A photo of your favorite place to be

Although I snapped several photos today, I know in my heart of hearts that the subject of today will be photographed tomorrow. Every picture I took today paled in comparison to what I will be able to capture tomorrow.

I'm heading home to good ol' Brandon tomorrow and couldn't be happier. I haven't been home at all this semester and this may be the only time I'm able to come home before winter break. Even though my parents are coming up to Gainesville next weekend for our fraternity's family weekend, physically being in the home that I grew up in and participating in my family's daily routine can not be replaced.

So I'm venturing solo this weekend down I-75 and will post a picture from today's (Day 3) and tomorrow's (Day 4) photo challenge pictures when I get there. :)

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