September 18, 2009

Every Time I Look Around

Today I witnessed one of the most bizarre incidents of my natural-born life. (As opposed to my unnatural-born life?)

After my 2 classes, I was waiting at a bus stop on campus that just happens to be outside one of the dorms. As I walked up, a Domino's delivery truck pulls up. I was already wary of the situation considering it was only 10 AM.

A few minutes later, a kid with fiery orange hair and a full-on beard walked by me. The hair was obviously the first thing I noticed but something else was different that I just couldn't place...

Oh wait. Homeboy was still wearing his pajamas. I'm not talking boxers and a t-shirt. No way, this guy went all out. Flannel pants with a matching top. Every square inch covered in images of Superman. He was even wearing slippers. I kid you not.

The ginger manboy walked up to the delivery truck, exchanged some greenbacks for a box of breadsticks and a personal pizza, and retreated to his dormitory.

Only in college would you see such a spectacle.

While this guy may be having the best Friday ever (?), I'm pretty excited this week is over for several reasons.

1. My to-do list is significantly smaller on the weekends.
2. All the academic planets aligned this week for one heck of an examfest. But now it's over!
3. The Gators are going to pummel Layla- I mean, Lanie Kiffin and the Volunteers tomorrow on their journey to another BCS Championship
4. I'm going home! The whole fam is coming to Gainesville tonight to watch the UF vs. FSU soccer game and then taking me home for a glorious 2 days.

TGIF and hope everyone has a great weekend!


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