February 12, 2009

Sincere Apology

Sorry guys! I apologize for the lack of posting; I've been super busy lately between schoolwork, pledging for a co-ed fraternity, and reffing intramural soccer. But I think being busy is definitely better than being bored, don't you?

So to make it up to you, I have decided to do one of those "25 things about yourself" lists that are all over facebook. For this list, I have searched the deepest depths of myself to try to bring you, my lovely blog followers, something you do not know about me. Enjoy :)

1. Anatomy is my favorite class this semester. I love how you can apply what you learn in the classroom to your own body and how it works. I can't wait to take Physiology next semester!

2. I used to think I had a good sense of fashion, but, looking back at some pictures, I realize now that I had questionable taste in clothing. But who let me out of the house looking like this and then captured it on film for the rest of forever?

3. The most stressful week of my life was the week of Drum Major prelims junior year. I had butterflies in my stomach all week. I went over to Steven's house almost every day the month leading up to finals to perfect my song. I guess all the hard work paid off in the end. :)

4. Everyone says that they have the best brother(s) and/ or sister(s) in the world. I just laugh because I know they're wrong. I have the best sister and brother in the world.

5. I could eat peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches every day for the rest of my life. Maybe even throw on some bananas every once in awhile and I'll be set.

6. I enjoy watching infomercials. When I was younger I used to wish I was 18 because you always have to be "18 or older to order."

7. I have enjoyed every single minute of college thus far and I don't think that will change any time soon. I'm finding my place in this giant school and I couldn't be happier.

8. Although I absolutely love college, I really miss my family back home. I talk to my mom every day, usually on my way to my first class in the morning.

9. I despised conditioning for soccer. If I knew we had a running practice coming up, I would get knots in my stomach all day. I blame these for my extreme slowness.

10. I love Duke TIP. I met some of my best friends through TIP and I strongly believe in what the program stands for. I mailed my application to be a residential counselor this morning so hopefully I'll get a job with TIP, too!

11. I idolize anyone who can cook or bake. I'm just now starting to appreciate the art of culinary endeavors. My mom is an amazing cook. She's always experimenting and trying new things. Hopefully I'll get a lot of practice next year living off campus.

12. I've had ridiculously good luck with roommates. And I already know my roommates next year will be just as great!

13. I also laugh at the silly girls who say they have the best boyfriend in the world. I have the best boyfriend in the world.

14. I'm just beginning to realize all of the hard work and sacrifices my parents have made to provide our family with the wonderful life we live. I am eternally grateful and I love them both for everything they have done for us. My family is my rock.

15. Clarinet is not my forte. (Get it? Forte, clarinet, music...)

16. I get most of my current event knowledge from the Alligator. It's a UF newspaper written mostly by journalism students. I though Jack and Kelly were in it for the long haul. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

17. TCBY is amazing! I tried it for the first time Tuesday night. The peanut butter frozen yogurt with Reese's chunks is to die for. :)

18. I feel like I'm finally figuring out what I want to do in life. I don't have all the details, but I at least have a framework, which is a lot better than what I had this time last year when I got into UF.

19. I don't enjoy Valentine's Day. Even when I have a boyfriend, I don't like it.

20. Some of my fondest childhood involve me, my sister, and some other kids in our neighborhood playing in the "Big Ditch" and the "Little Ditch" or making up dances to NSYNC, Britney Spears, BSB, and LFO songs.

21. I absolutely love Cape Cod. If it wasn't so freaking cold in the winter, I would love to live in a little house on Martha's Vineyard.

22. I have a kind of phobia with eyes. My sister's soccer coach used to flip his eyelids inside out to freak me out. I think it scarred me for life because now I can't even look at someone while they're putting in their contacts.

23. With that being said, I would rather poke myself in the eye 1000 times if it meant I would never have to fold another fitted sheet again.

24. I'm going on a cruise for my honeymoon. It is without a doubt the best way to travel.

25. Cary Grant is the classiest man to have ever graced this planet, in my humble opinion. He is handsome, charming, fashionable, and a splendid actor to boot.

Well there you have it. I hope you learned something today. Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Valentine's Day, everybody!


Ben said...

Number 4 is so right - the best sister part JK.

Beth said...

Guess this means no posts until after the weekend, huh? :)

I love you! You rock!

bre said...

yay you finally blogged :) i'm very sad about jack and kelly

The Daddy said...

Thanks for posting! Love you so much!

Joanne said...

I love Cape Cod too ! It is by far one of the most beautiful places ever!! I am so glad to see that you are enjoying college!
PS ... I hate Valentines Day too !!

Jana said...

2. That is a hot outfit.
6. ME TOO!
12. :) <3
19. That is why we are spending Valentine's Day together

yay new blog!

Anonymous said...

I still love it,love it,love it. I adore finding out new things about you and what you are doing!

Coach Kasey said...

Happy Birthday Bob!