January 31, 2009

The moment you've all been waiting for

Yep, ladies and gentleman, you heard right.

After nearly two months of waiting, I am starting my own blog.

Up until this point I have used my account to keep tabs on (read: stalk) my favorite bloggers. I have religiously followed the hysterical antics of Big Kid on Ashley's Closet, combed through Cake Wrecks' archives of CCCs, and just recently discovered the anonymous one-liners of Dear Old Love. Oh, and how could I forget the absolutely enthralling adventures of the Johnson clan on Beth's Blog?!

Yes, I agree. I have learned from the greats. I love that their blogs take seemingly ordinary experiences of everyday life and make them extraordinary by using details, clever writing, and some good, old-fashioned grammar.

Now, I can't promise you a blog of this caliber. At least not yet. I plan on using my blog to organize my thoughts, feelings, and inform you of any random happenings in Gainesville. (Unfortunately, Gainesville is not the most exciting place after football season.)

I will also use this blog as a means to put to use my four years of IB English. As a nursing major, my courses do not give me a lot of opportunities to write a nice, well-organized essay. I miss the sound of the printer printing off the last page, attaching the title page, watching the double spaced lines match up perfectly, and knowing that I produced a darn-good paper. (BTW, I'm a dork.)

With all that being said, I don't know how often I will be able to update. I don't even know who will read this thing. But I hope you enjoy. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I can stalk you through a whole new website now :)

<3 jana cabeza

Beth said...

Yeah! I can leave comments. <3 Now you told me about this, you can't complain about your mom on here.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yo meg what up so glad you you have a blog!

Your favroite/only brother Ben

P.S. Hobey Ho! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it love it love it. I am so excited.

Anonymous said...

the more you blog, the more songs i will sing for you :)

love breski

Anonymous said...

Dad is all in.

blackhaT said...
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Anonymous said...

wow thanks for telling me! :(