March 08, 2010


I can't believe I'm already halfway done! About 52% now to be exact. It's been a whirlwind and I know the final few weeks will go by even faster. I know I will miss Spain -it truly has become a home to me. Here are some things I will truly miss:

-being 2 seconds away from the beach
-my wonderful roommate, Emma :)
-Pepa, the best senora ever
-walking 2 hours a day
-1 euro Wednesdays
-Super Antonio and being called Super Megan everyday
-Maria Jose and her macarrones
-Fiscica o Quimica, my fave Spanish television show
-having classes in Spanish every day of the week
-tinto de verano
-grades not counting on my transcripts
-all of the awesome ISA people

But I'm already looking forward to going HOME home. Some things I'm looking forward to include:

-my super amazing family
-my lovely friends
-UF and Gainesville
-my car
-my mom's mac & cheese
-not having to exercise my brain when watching TV
-Phi Sig
-all of my clothes
-Ben's drumming
-Jordan's graduation!
-text messaging
-GS cookies

Just to name a few. :) 40 days down, 37 to go!

Also, I've recently become obsessed with this song.

1 comment:

Ben said...

1.) What's that song about?

2.) We're having Mac & cheese tonight.

3.) Who wouldn't miss my drumming?