March 05, 2009

Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away

I love surprises!

Yesterday, Jana, Rebekah, and I surprised our favorite non-roommate, Breski, 3 days before her birthday. Her birthday is Saturday but, since it's during Spring Break, we decided to do something special while still in Gainesville.

Bre is one of those people who always tries to figure stuff out ahead of time, which is highly problematic when it comes to trying to surprise her. All three of us were pretty vague all day leading up the surprise about our plans and made seemingly legitimate excuses for why we couldn't hang out. We planned to surprise her at 11:11 PM, since Bre always reminds people to wish at 11:11. We even got her roommate, Jackie, in on it!

Instead, we went to our future place of residence and made delicious brownie/ chocolate chip cookie bars. And yes, they were everything we thought they would be AND MORE. We waited outside her dorm after running all over campus trying to avoid Bre's suspicious and prying texts. Jackie let us into the building and we proceeded to run down the hall with our yummy baked goods and bang the crap out of her door.

I think this picture pretty much sums up her surprise.

Obvi, she loves us. And we love her. :)

She doesn't even know what's going to hit her tomorrow...


Jana said...

yay I got a tag!!

Jana said...

also I LOVE the title